Nicholas Bradshaw of Serious Content

getting video found …

Serious Content is all about getting video found. Because if no one sees them …

I’m Nicholas Bradshaw and my passion is for understanding and answering queries through video and content. Getting to the bottom of what is being searched for and how best to answer that honestly and persuasively.

I work with videographers, researchers, programmers, actors and bloggers. We film from broadcast TV standards to self shooter. I tend to film interviews but otherwise concentrate on script, editing and SEO.

I’ve worked in advertising, research and video, as copywriter, video editor and scriptwriter, then producer in London on major brands for 20 years, followed by 3 years in New York.

I’ve worked with companies from Levi’s to L’Oriel, Mercedes to McCain’s and various government departments.

Recently I’ve run a programming company focussed on large scale e-commerce and systems integrations, technical SEO and customer intent.

And it is from seeing the changes in SEO, particularly video SEO and the growth of schema specialisations, and voice search, that I’ve set this consultancy up.

The aim to help companies and practitioners reach their audience through a combination of research, video and optimisation.

Call 0203 773 1995 or email me to find out if we can help you.