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Cinemagraph for a Birmingham gym and personal trainer, Studio 131, shot and edited by Serious Content, London
Video thumbnail for Hamlingtons Jewellers Grand Opening video, shot and edited by Serious Content, London



Affordable marketing video production, fully optimised for SEO.

We want your videos to get found online. The amount of video produced is growing at a phenomenal rate so we produce video that search engines can read and that answer queries being asked. 

Used correctly, good quality video is a fantastic way to improve your rankings, drive visitors to your website and increase conversions. It’s a vital part of your overall SEO strategy and can deliver significant returns on investment.

But just loading video onto your site or YouTube isn’t enough, it’s essential that search engines know what you’ve produced and who its aimed at.

We can help you really flex your online muscles.

Companies that use video get 41% more web traffic from search engines than sites that don’t.


This Video Works is part of Serious Content, a production company working in education, food, tourism and construction which will relaunch early next year.

This Video Works is smaller, and specifically about producing and shooting marketing videos that are researched, written and optimised to meet actual queries a business can respond positively to.

We are concentrating on interviews, motion graphics and cinemagraphs rather than bigger productions.

The opportunities presented by social commerce, and through social listening, and the massive growth of short-form video and user-generated content means we can respond quickly and strategically to influence an audience.

…as much as 82% of online content will consist of videos by 2022.

…the number of social commerce buyers in the US has increased by 25.2%, reaching over 80 million.


We specialise in making sure your video reaches as many of your target audience as possible, that it talks to them in the way they want and gives them what they need.

I’m particularly interested in retail, automotive and healthcare sectors, including fitness. I’m also very interested in the approach businesses within them take to sustainability and diversity, and to help tell those stories. The following quote relates to recent changes in the fashion industry, but with the growth in social commerce, the influence of how a business is perceived is growing in importance, giving opportunities to out perform competitors.

Sustainability becomes an influencing factor: Buying sustainably was not an issue that outweighed value for our customers. But where products were perceived as being of equal value, the brand’s approach to sustainability could prove decisive.

EPAM – Consumers Unmasked report Summer 2021

My own background is in market research, programming, and video with an emphasis on scripting, editing and production. I’m still supported by my old team but everyone is now freelance, in different countries so I’m concentrating on what I offer for the purpose of launching this. My skills complement those of marketing and media companies as I am able to deliver edited footage that will genuinely answer a brief and reach its audience.

To put it in plain words – on-site video marketing without video schema markup is simply a waste of time.


We provide research, scripting, filming, post production and technical SEO optimisation, including coded solutions and Schema. We also offer digital asset management. This can include hosting that is secure and fast, ensuring your content loads instantly, local to each audience.

Our key services are: –

  • pre production
  • search listening, social listening, user research
  • concept, script and direction
  • casting and voice over, licensing
  • video, audio and stills
  • animation and motion graphics
  • written content
  • post production
  • optimisation for speed and SEO
  • Schema, video SEO, technical SEO
  • hosting, digital asset management

Why video?

People spend 88% more time on websites with videos

Simply put, video gives you a competitive edge, it is more engaging, more memorable and more popular with consumers than any other content. It can be used across multiple platforms and all social media, and it will drive visitors to your website, and they will stay longer.

Importantly, too, video helps significantly with getting you found. Search engines love videos seeing them as high quality content, so correctly optimised video will significantly boost your SEO. The addition of Schema which we specialise in also allows the search engines read the content of the video in code form.

It’s been cited that a website with a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Video clips are also being actively included in search results by Google and Bing.

In a nutshell we provide professional, affordable marketing videos for web and social media that ensure you get you found and engage with your customers.

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87% of consumers say they’d like to see more video from brands.

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