Hosting – and why it is important for your business and your SEO

Investing in good quality web hosting is vitally important for any business and where and who you choose to host with will impact your site ranking.

Hosting plays an important role in technical SEO.

Here are the main reasons why hosting is so important –

Speed of Loading Time

Nobody wants to wait for your website to load. Slower loading sites will put visitors off and drive them to your competitors. A fast site contributes to good user experience which in turn leads to higher conversions. Fast and responsive sites are favoured by Google and other search engines.

Better Security

Security is a growing problem on the internet.Security lapses incur high costs to put right and lead to loss of revenue.A good host will carry out all the necessary procedures to protect your sites such as – keeping software up to date; utilising anti spam tools; regularly checking for malware; storing passwords securely.

Better Support

If things do go wrong you need support to be immediately available to fix disruptions and identify issues quickly with data back-ups and technical expertise.

Less Likely To Have Downtime

If your website is unavailable you will lose prospective customers and alienate existing customers.This can lead to loss of revenue and reputation. It may also have a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

Serious Content can advise you about hosting and what would be the most appropriate level for your business. We offer three types of hosting – all are secure, fast and well supported.

For UK clients we have two servers in London offering business and corporate level hosting. For clients operating or selling in international markets, we have can provide US servers or we can build a global network using Amazon Web Services.

Standard business

Corporate level – adds

International (AWS)