SEO content audit

Content SEO Audit

Google is now subtle enough to derive meaning from copy written for humans utilising keywords, phrases and audio. The latter from closed captions but automatic speech recognition (ASR) is coming too.

As a first stage in content provision, an audit will focus on the quality of content your site provides.

We would seek to remove and replace outdated content, check and optimise internal links, carry out backlink analysis and identify web pages with high SEO potential.

Research and analysis

Using our own research and analysis in addition to a variety of SEO Tools we would identify technical issues such as –

  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Missing or duplicate titles
  • Missing or duplicate H1s
  • Insufficient or duplicate content
  • Insufficient Keyword density
  • Poor Keyword focus
  • Page Status errors
  • Missing closed captions
  • Missing transcripts
  • Poor XML and schema