Written Content

Written Content

Content is king, and likely to remain so.

The provision of fresh, ongoing content is essential for successful SEO. A big trend for 2019 is in creating content that goes further and deeper into a topic – such as long form blog posts of 2000+ words. We can help you with this need for written content.

We create content in line with technical SEO requirements which is nonetheless readable, valuable and interesting. Our technical knowledge ensures your content gets found.

We provide the following services across the web and social media platforms –

  • Creating original content including blog posts
  • Editing and curating content
  • Proof reading original and curated content
  • Managing provision and delivery of digital written content

We also –

  • Create, edit and research articles and white papers for publication online and offline
  • Disseminate to all relevant media
  • Track and analyse response including resulting backlinks and gains in page authority.