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Video explaining how we cover all four types of learning for marketing and videos encouraging engagement
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Shorter clip of explaining Video SEO

This is aimed primarily at the medical industry and education, however, the subject of this clip is relevant to many businesses, especially any where you are looking to engage the customer to share information that will help you provide a quote or recommend a course of action.

It is looking at some of the ways video can be enhanced or coupled with other media to improve the customer experience and provide fuller information for the business promoting it. I talk about learning in the video but it is more about sharing information in a manner that suits the recipient best. This isn’t usually about creating leads, it much more about helping a warm lead find the right match.



We cover all four types of learning by combining video with other media to provide a comprehensive means of getting information through to the recipient and where appropriate back. This does of course require the audience to be receptive to the information so it is geared to those who expect to benefit through the interaction.

This can still be relatively simple such as a preliminary discussion with a business coach or therapist, vet or car repair service. As long as the consumer requires detail and especially with that information they can then proceed to enquire further, then this can be a really useful tool to engage the customer and ascertain exactly what they are looking for and potential fit.

We cover visual, auditory , kinesthetic and reading/writing combined. The content of the video begins with visual and auditory information and we give the person viewing the opportunity to download the video as a single clip or if appropriate as a number of specific videos. That choice can be expanded to offer as an alternative choice a podcast or audio explainer. PDF’s and documentation augmented with appealing graphics and images encourage readers and by including the facility to add notes and questions we start to produce a resource that explains a service and enables the potential consumer respond and engage in the manner of their choosing. Simply providing a transcript of the video and captions helps provide something for people to read while viewing the video. This also provides detail of the content to search engines and coded as schema is particularly powerful.

By encouraging the viewer respond and submit their queries, especially if we can ask their experience, we gain the kinesthetic learner by engaging them in a form of role play, but in addition with every type who responds we elicit good information you an use to build a relationship with that respondent and begin to provide a high level of service they are looking for.

If you’d like more information, get in touch and look out for more videos as this is an area we will expand on.





Transcript below

This is to outline a little bit about what we do, we specialise in videos that are basically designed to get found.

The idea is that we research the content.

We look very closely at consumer intent. We understand what the person searching on Google is looking for. We bring keywords in we do traditional SEO and we also do Schema.

We want the videos obviously to be quite short effective succinct and to get a message across but we do cover all four areas of learning within video where a client wishes to do so, this is quite important in the medical industry. Though there are applications for it in other industries, definitely.

We’re obviously covering visual and audio, that’s pretty clear in what we do but we also produce PDFs, downloadable PDFs of the information on a subject we’ve been talking about and that enables somebody to actually read the information.

We also produce a transcript of the scripts and put it on a website too, so somebody can automatically download and read that. But to be able to actually download information, we can fill that out with images and all sorts of other information. It gives a really good means for somebody to understand something complex they’ve got a taste of from a video.

We also look at the written element by including a call to action on a video or in the information that goes along with it which enables somebody to actually type in some notes or even submit something they’ve themselves on another document. But basically it enables them to engage with what the video is asking them or talking to them about.

They can produce notes. They can produce questions. They can produce summaries of whatever it is that being affected by.

And that information can then be submitted back to the medical practice or equally could be submitted to a garage about a problem with a car. But ideally this is a way for the the person who’s researching whatever issue it is they have to be able to write down to explain exactly what they need to explain, which helps them understanding themselves and then to be able to submit that back to whatever business it is medical or otherwise. The idea is to provide a service in terms of video, but make sure that what we’re talking about you’re talking about gets found and then communicates to your consumer the information that they need to identify whether what you are offering is what they’re looking for or to at least get them to the point where they can consider it.

And that should be the aim of video and in marketing, to actually help people find what they really need.

And that very much is our aim. Thank you.

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