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My showreel covers from 2019 to the end of 2022, and features work for smaller direct clients and consultants and cover retail, construction and automotive sectors.
Slow motion capture of fountain in the Italian Garden Kensington, London from This Video Works 2022 showreel

The work covers retail clients in jewellery and fashion, fitness with gym and personal coach, garages with a Harley Davidson being MOT’d and Land Rovers worked on.

There is also a selection of some of the work Susan and I shot and recorded across the country for construction firms over probably a year. These mixed interviews, creating training videos and showing various construction processes, where we worked with a number of contractors and sub contractors as well as their clients.

There are also clips of a management consultant and a life coach included, also Susan, my old assistant, singing in a recording studio, plus events, opening ceremonies, a bit of B-roll and some example fixes to issues such as banding, in post production.

As This Video Works is about filming primarily I’ve not included any animation or motion graphics.

As most of what we shoot is interview related, I’ve only included a taster of those and many include footage relating to the business, stock and b-roll footage. I’ve included some stock footage where it is incorporated in the interview as I used it to give a visual impact to the point being made. 

Though I can and do give basic media training as part of what I do, I’m now filming people far less used to being in front of a camera than previously and adding stock footage at appropriate points can really help. Everything is sorted in the edit and the client understands this is an option for me and that takes a huge amount of pressure to ‘perform’ off them. I don’t want them to ‘perform’, I want them to be honest and show up as who they really are but equally I want them to come over really well, so using stock footage or footage we shoot of the business, to subtly cover nerves and even add in dialogue we record later if a key point was missed, does occasionally help. 

Finally I’ve added some clips shot on a new Sony, they were taken quickly, hand held in manual focus at 120 frames per second to give slow motion in camera, my Panasonic’s shoot at a max of 60 frames per second. Some were shot at night across the full length of the Serpentine and at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. The waterfall and gull, were filmed in the Italian Garden in Kensington Gardens in really bright sunshine and I’m quite surprised at how much detail there is in the feathers as they do seem to reflect the light rather.

They were simply a first test on my way to a meeting in Fulham and back. I had no plans to ever use but they came out far better than expected. With more practice, time and a tripod, they would be better but they set a scene and show a capability with slo-mo I’ve not been able to offer previously.

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