Busy weekend in Bath, Joe Lycett live, Into The Woods at the Theatre Royal and Keynsham Music Festival

Claudio Lugli shirt from Gabucci Bath suggested for theatre wear in latest post

Busy weekend in Bath, Joe Lycett live and Terry Gilliam's Into The Woods at the Theatre Royal

Claudio Lugli shirt from Gabucci Bath suggested for theatre wear in latest post

We are adding posts on Instagram and within the Gabucci site blog to promote local events and suggest shirts to fit with the events.

This is going to be a busy weekend in Bath and we’re recommending Into the Woods is on at Theatre  Royal Bath, with music and lyrics from Stephen Sondheim, and co-directed by Terry Gilliam and Leah Hausman.

Joe Lycett is also Live in Bath, performing tonight and tomorrow at The Forum.

How to get to both!

KEYNSHAM MUSIC FESTIVAL and that means music this weekend from 40 bands performing in the park.

Should be a great weekend.

The other event we’ve talked about is an experimental, environmental workshop happening on Saturday in Bath. Gabucci is committed to using recycled cloth and sustainability in its products and also very concerned about the gradual loss of craftspeople especially in Europe as fashion becomes more standard across the globe.

We want to help their customers understand that even the small steps Gabucci are taking make a difference and their customers can too.

Supporting and stocking brands like John Smedley, who are in a position to really promote sustainability and build into the core of their business, helps and blogs about the issues such as Tuscany’s struggles to keep local their famous Casentino cloth demonstrate and illustrate their commitment.

These blogs also produce the highest number of likes too.

The overall aim is to strengthen Gabucci’s customer base at the same time as promoting their commitments to craft, quality and the environment. If we can also present them as an authority on cloth, fashion and position them as part of their thriving community in the West Country, all the better.

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