20 videos and a new site in NY

screenshot from a clip about perceptions of failure for a coaching client, image courtesy motion array
screenshot from a clip about perceptions of failure for a coaching client, image courtesy motion array

The headline is sightly misleading but factually fairly correct.

We have just shot over twenty video clips for a new client and are building him a web site to showcase them and what he does. 

What’s most interesting is how the clips can be used and reused over time.


This is a joint project between me and my New York partner, Nancy.

She is managing and producing the whole project even though the client is based in the UK. He does, however, plan to aim his business at the US market primarily.  

My role has been to film him talking about his range of services in connection with his transformational coaching business. I shot over 20 clips during a three day shoot and have compiled and edited into a pick and mix collection of clips that can be joined together for his blog and on YouTube, and as short form video for Instagram and TikTok.

The clip below is an example of how they are planned to be used and mixes him talking about a specific issue and how to address it. In this case it’s about perceptions of failure and I’ve used stock footage of a runner and two pianists, one a beginner and the other more than accomplished, to illustrate the points he makes in the clip.

The message is don’t give up which does remind me of the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practise, practise, practise”, more seriously he uses the analogy of learning to play a piece and not giving up and I’ve two pianists and the journey to bring that to life.

I’ve also built a hybrid Gutenberg and Elementor website theme for Nancy to work with to populate and optimise in conjunction with her client. Once that is done or at least progressed, we will revisit the clips and start to edit to use and reuse.

Where there is the budget to do it, creating a library of reusable footage makes sense as it can always be called on to edit something quickly to respond to something trending on social media or to top and tail a new article or blog for multiple media use.

For this reason the clips were all shot with the client wearing a standard blue shirt and with an easily recognisable and reusable background so that future clips can maintain consistency.

The site and clips are expected to be live summer 2023.

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