Four videos added to True Self Liberation (updated)

Video for True Self Liberation, Therapeutic Life Coaching showing diverse means of travel relevant to the metaphors used in therapy

new interview clips describing therapeutic Life Coaching

We’ve added four interview clips talking about Willow’s Therapeutic life Coaching, an online service to help clients in the UK and US work through and understand issues in their life.

The interview above explains how she uses metaphors to simplify the experience and guide her clients through the process of understanding their lives and how to improve them.

The other videos cover working online, about Willow and an introduction to the site and practice.

They come over as honest, committed and demonstrate her knowledge and skills.

We’ve created a warm and friendly site that focusses on success rather than life’s difficulties. It is aimed at clients who are familiar with counselling and therapy but looking for a positive outcome within months, rather than years of ongoing therapy.

The aim of the videos and site is to attract the sort of person who will really benefit from the service offered.

Update December 2022

We used Schema on the videos and added traditional and technical SEO including local SEO for London across the site, and connected the site with various industry directories and in less than three months the online practice has become fully booked and is working with new clients that will benefit from Willow’s expertise.

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