The Museum of Mistranslations

Tokyo pop up museum of mistranslations courtesy Duolingo
Tokyo pop up museum of mistranslations courtesy Duolingo

A big part of what I do as a researcher and scriptwriter and indeed as a coder specialising in SEO, is check we’ve got the details correct and make sure everything we do makes the path to your getting found as easy as possible.

When I first started interviewing and then filming, it was often in a research capacity and then my language skills were much better than they are now. I like to think they are just rusty but I could interview reasonably well in French, Spanish and Italian but the language that really fascinated me, as does the culture, was Japanese. I tried to learn the language but too hard, much too hard.

So it was with great pleasure that I came across the Museum of Mistranslations in Tokyo, a pop up showing an exhibition that celebrates the difficulty and potential amusement, from translating Japanese to English.

The article is in Spoon and Tamago, an international blog based in NY and Tokyo dedicated to Japanese art, design and culture, which I really enjoy and recommend to anyone else interested in Japan.

The picture above will give you an idea of exhibition and it is very enjoyable. Click the link above to see the article on the museum and here for Spoon and Tamago.

The exhibition is a publicity campaign for Duolingo, a language learning app that I like very much, but I’m still keeping to the latin languages myself for now.

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