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Like an artist painting an image, I’m telling a story, trying to catch a moment. I’m building an honest, positive and hopefully passionate picture of a business and the person, people who run it, why and what connects them to their customers.
An image of an artist painting to illustrate capturing and creating an image. I film people and also their businesses and am trying to capture an honest, positive reflection of who they are and what they do.

Filming to tell your story, coupled with powerful Video SEO, to make sure that your audience sees it.

As a passionate surfer I started my advertising career in London on Vauxhall and then Mercedes, and to fund weekends in Devon, I freelanced at night as a copywriter, then scriptwriter for other agencies and production companies. 

I wrote commercials by day, got busier and busier, went freelance and found I had a talent for market research, video editing too and was good at interviewing people, mainly CEO’s as I wrote a lot for agencies specialising in strategy.

I’d found my niche and have done much the same ever since. In 2016 I started filming smaller businesses, without a crew or actors, and came to realise I’d learnt so much from those CEO’s, who presumably had had media training, and that rubbed off on me as whether I’m interviewing you on camera or prompting you and producing while you are filmed talking to camera, I can really help you speak confidently, clearly and with passion about what you do.

And this has become my passion, I still really enjoy filming events, things being made, cars being restored but giving time to get people to talk about what drives them and to make sure they answer the queries their customers ask in search, give this business its purpose.

I usually shoot on my own and am the main contact for the business, I shoot with up to three cameras which are semi remote controlled, it keeps the costs down but more importantly, it takes the pressure off the speaker.

For an actor it is fine but if you are not used to it, a crew standing around watching your every move can be nerve-wracking. For the same reason I tend not to use teleprompters though I have two, unless you are used to them, your eyes will go left to right on every line.

I prompt or interview you, we have more of a conversation and I make sure we get all the important point in, we also usually get extra unexpected insights and stories about the business that add colour and interest, even humour, to the take.

And it is that conversational approach search engines love, it is real and that is what they are looking for, and every word we record and film, they will read.

Researched content, good filming and Video SEO, is the perfect recipe for driving business to you.

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