Help For Self Shooters

I can help you get the most out of your own footage through research, video editing, AI prompted content, even advice on how best to use your phone or camera.
Editing and other post production services for self shooters looking to promote their businesses

Video SEO and help to get the most out of your own camera or phone.

I’ve worked for a lot for agencies and production companies fixing issues and I’m very aware that working with smaller businesses there may not always be the budget for me to shoot everything.
I can help you set yourself up and advise on what will probably work best for you, provide the research and context and then edit your footage.
I can also help provide written content for blogs and anything else you need. the text below was produced in Gemini, AI from Google, which I prompted to give an outline of video editing for explainer videos using English spelling.
As a writer I accept AI is here to stay and by prompting it I can use it successfully for research, but as a resource for clients it is an inexpensive way for me to provide very useable content with the caveat we edit and check for accuracy before using!
  1. Enhanced Clarity and Engagement:

    • Video editing allows for the removal of unnecessary pauses, fillers, or mistakes, resulting in a more polished and professional final product.
    • Cuts and transitions can be used to improve the flow of information, making the explainer clip easier to follow and understand.
    • Visual elements, such as text overlays, animations, or graphics, can be added during editing to reinforce key points and make the content more engaging.
  2. Optimised Pacing and Timing:

    • Editing can be used to adjust the pace of the video to ensure that it is not too fast or too slow for the target audience.
    • Key moments can be highlighted through the use of slow motion or freeze frames, drawing attention to important details.
    • Music and sound effects can be added to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the explainer clip, making it more enjoyable to watch.
  3. Improved Visual Appeal:

    • Colour correction and grading can be used to enhance the visual quality of the video, making it more appealing and professional.
    • Different camera angles and shots can be combined to create a more dynamic and visually interesting explainer clip.
    • Visual effects can be added to illustrate complex concepts or create a more immersive experience for the viewer.
  4. Targeted Messaging and Branding:

    • Editing allows for the customisation of the explainer clip to align with the specific target audience and branding guidelines.
    • Calls to action and other marketing messages can be integrated seamlessly into the video.
    • Consistent branding elements, such as logos or color schemes, can be added to reinforce brand identity.
  5. Increased Shareability and Accessibility:

    • Edited explainer clips can be easily shared across multiple platforms, including social media, websites, and presentations.
    • Captions or subtitles can be added to make the content accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments or language barriers.
    • Different versions of the video can be created for various platforms and formats, ensuring optimal viewing experiences.

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