Research is Key to Connection

A library of books to illustrate research prior to filming for video marketing. Realistically most research is done online through search and industry media. Understanding what specific audiences are looking for from a business and being able to answer those queries in a video and script is key to connection.
Library of books to illustrate research prior to filming for video marketing

Video SEO starts with research. Understanding your audiences needs and pain points.

Being able to gain insight into your customers and potential customers needs and pain points enables you to provide answers to their genuine queries in any clip we produce about your business.

I use a mix of search listening and competitor research, plus understanding and listening to your own experiences, to produce a script or prompts to cover in a video, or series of videos about your business, service, products, that cover the issues giving you the opportunity to answer each and to encourage customers connect with the business. 

Being able to answer the queries within a clip conveys your interest in your customers and develops trust and builds a relationship, and then feeding those answers to search through video SEO, ensures the search engines can connect you to anyone searching for the same and similar queries.

I use key words and long tail key words that are bringing the important searches out and also those used successfully by any competitors, to ensure your most likely and valuable potential customers find you.

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