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A boxing ring may seem an unusual visual reference for a web site but I build database driven sites for the specific purpose of getting video, social media and products, services and locations found. Everything is contained and has power and purpose, and it functions exactly where and how it is meant to.

Video SEO combined with a fast, secure database driven website, hosted properly.

Fifteen years ago I was working in New York as a producer for one of the most, they’d say the most, prestigious ad agency there.

I worked with A list celebrities, sports stars and rock icons, and worked on some incredible campaigns for world famous brands but I also worked on large, commercial businesses not many people will have heard of. And initially my involvement was nothing to do with writing or filming.

I managed to help code an agency website with two Danish friends to load commercials faster. Having achieved that I was asked could we help a client in the defence industry get 250,000 products to the top of Google?

That was my first web site and we achieved the aim and I ran a programming company in NY then London which I finally managed to pretty much put to bed a few months back. Brexit was a big issue as much of the business came from Germany, and with the pandemic my two programmers, still good friends, took proper, very well paid jobs.

I was desperate to get back to filming full time but I’m learning small business don’t often have sites with the capabilities of the big agencies I’ve historically worked with and if I want to get my videos found, I need to be able to offer websites capable of running the SEO to deliver.

This doesn’t mean I have to build the website to work with you but to get value from what I produce you will need a good website, and a developer keen to collaborate.

I’ve had to walk away from a few projects as the client’s developer wouldn’t or couldn’t deliver what was needed. 

To be fair Squarespace, Shopify and other sites you can build yourselves generally are very well coded and would allow me add all the SEO to get you found.

So while I’m not looking to produce the sort of huge sites we used to build, I can provide very effective, secure fast, SEO and mobile sites based on the architecture our sites were built on, or help you on a well built site.

With my sites, the SEO is built into the database and fed direct to Google and the other search engines and product details and your location etc all works the same way.

I can be very competitive on price but I’m not looking to take work away from developers who can deliver what you need, just support clients without that capability.

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