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Close up of hands making pottery on a wheel illustrating the care and attention required to make video SEO perform as required. Care and attention is required, plus a little skill.
Image of pottery on a wheel to illustrate videoSEO in a blog

Video SEO combined with traditional and technical SEO

Like so many things getting SEO to function for video takes practise and a little knowledge and like starting to throw a pot, there is plenty of help and encouragement out there.

Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo wrote a language to categorise everything on the web and that is at the heart of making sure videos get found.

Large SEO companies drive big brands forward using it and probably having worked with them like me, many smaller firms offer the same. Additionally the key SEO products often include the capability to add within their software and training courses to show you how to use.

Firms like mine which combine the research, scripting, filming  and editing with the SEO capabilities and ability to produce the best websites to manage and optimise video will become the norm.

Adding the SEO direct to the site’s database and connecting direct to search has to be the way forward.

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