Dwell Time

dwell time, picture of a sunset to illustrate a blog on dwell time, Seroius Content, London

Engaging with your target audience is crucial. Dwell Time – the time a visitor spends on your site – is important in terms of SEO. It’s widely known that a website visitor gives your site between 5-15 seconds to find what they are looking for.   They will remain if they find content that is […]

Motion graphics for a programming firm

Video thumbnail for a marketing animation for a digital marketing company, created, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Motion graphics for my old programming firm Hound Street was my programming and online research firm I started in NY well over ten years ago. It quickly moved to London though we kept mainly US clients for a long time, my programmers were in Portland, Oregon and India.  I still do a little coding as […]

Time-lapse and stock video

Video thumbnail for marketing promotion showing stock footage of DLR train, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Video captures the imagination It can really drive a promotional message home. There is also a wealth of ‘trickery’ I can add to spice up quite mundane images to bring or create life in a clip. Time-lapse is a great example of this and this is one I’ve used for my programming firm very successfully. […]