My Showreel

Slow motion capture of fountain in the Italian Garden Kensington, London from This Video Works 2022 showreel

My showreel covers from 2019 to the end of 2022, and features work for smaller direct clients and consultants and cover retail, construction and automotive sectors.

Commissioned to film 3 classic cars being restored

One of three classic cars being filmed over months while they are fully restored

I’ve filmed a number of classic and other sports cars being worked on and this is the first commission in a while.

Three very different classics with opportunities to demonstrate the various skills required to bring them back to perfection.

Interviews for documentaries and marketing

Peter Cooks Van in Ludlow. Short clip hand held on new Sony camera on a busy Saturday in Ludlow, a quaint market town on the Welsh border.

Every documentary filmmaker uses interviews as part of what they are trying to do, to tell a story about the people involved and to get their direct input into the story.

The story though comes through from a mix of their words and the visible emotions on screen and the action surrounding it.

Marketing the Ford GTD with and without video

1967 Mustang vintage muscle car used to illustrate an article about current Mustangs written by the previous owner of a classic Mustang

This video compares the announcement of the Ford Mustang GTD in Cool Hunting without video and the Mustang Mach-E with and then looks at how the video of the GTD is elsewhere in the media and how strong the video presence is.

Video promoting the opportunities for apprentices in construction

Video for construction industry client shot and edited by Serious Content, London

We conceived the video to be shot entirely on location at live building sites around the West Midlands and to film exclusively staff and subcontractors of J A Burke. The interviews were shot in quite noisy and dusty circumstances but you get the real experience of being on a busy construction site.

Touch website added 3500 Magento based products

New site for Touch Ironmongery in Fulham, London

Update Feb 23, we’ve now added 5000 products from my clients supplier’s updated Magento db. Sales have more than doubled over the last 12 months! We’ve added over 1000 new products and new SKU codes throughout. Also updated all Metadata including Schema throughout and built in the facility to add Open Graph Tags (mark up) […]

Gabucci Winter Video 2020 (updated)

Gabucci video winter 2020 talking about the season, Covid and hopes for 2021

interview watched 8000 times in 6 months This is a short video for Gabucci menswear in Bath, talking about the previous season, Covid and stock and fabrics for 2021. This features on their site and has been viewed nearly 8000 times in the last 6 months. Ali who owns the shop is very well known […]

Four videos added to True Self Liberation (updated)

Video for True Self Liberation, Therapeutic Life Coaching showing diverse means of travel relevant to the metaphors used in therapy

new interview clips describing therapeutic Life Coaching We’ve added four interview clips talking about Willow’s Therapeutic life Coaching, an online service to help clients in the UK and US work through and understand issues in their life. The interview above explains how she uses metaphors to simplify the experience and guide her clients through the […]

Winter wedding and office party promo

quick video promo for Gabucci for winter weddings and smart Christmas party wear

We produced a very quick and simple clip for Gabucci to run close to Christmas reminding customers that we provide all the menswear required for the male guests at a winter wedding, and the dress for smart Christmas parties too.

The Museum of Mistranslations

Tokyo pop up museum of mistranslations courtesy Duolingo

A big part of what I do as a researcher and scriptwriter and indeed as a coder specialising in SEO, is check we’ve got the details correct and make sure everything we do makes the path to your getting found as easy as possible. When I first started interviewing and then filming, it was often […]

A motorcycle with a story

custom tribsa motorcycle to illustrate the power of a good story, image courtesy BIKEEXIF

One of my passions outside of filming is classic and custom motorcycles and usually the story of the build is fascinating and the detail and work quite enthralling. But in an article in BikeEXIF this week, the builder takes it one step further and I think it is something that bears a great deal of […]

20 videos and a new site in NY

screenshot from a clip about perceptions of failure for a coaching client, image courtesy motion array

The headline is sightly misleading but factually fairly correct. We have just shot over twenty video clips for a new client and are building him a web site to showcase them and what he does.¬† What’s most interesting is how the clips can be used and reused over time. ¬† This is a joint project […]

Producing fabric in Italy

Italian cloth for suits for Gabucci featured in video about Gabucci cloth

Explaining Gabucci cloth Gabucci’s cloth for suits and shirts is specified, the wool comes from England, Scotland or Italy and is then produced in Italian mills before being made into suits and shirts, usually in Germany or Holland, before coming back to the store. The clip below explains this and the commitment to quality and […]