5 new videos for Gabucci

Ali from Gabucci talking about the 22 summer menswear season

new videos created to show the breadth of a fashion store

We’ve just added five new videos to Gabucci to talk about the services they offer as well as introduce new stock for the summer 22 season.

The first video covers the Summer 2022 season.

We talk about the stock and ranges available and about the colours and fabrics for the season.

The second covers wedding suits and services for grooms and male guests. 

Weddings are becoming an important part of the business from providing tailoring services to working with the families and wedding planner to co-ordinate colours and timings for the male guests.

The third covers sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

This is an area of importance to Gabucci and also to most of their suppliers. They are doing everything to reduce their impact on the environment, from bamboo socks to garments that can be traced back to the flock of sheep in Yorkshire that provided the wool. Gabucci support that fully and are introducing more ranges with a combination of recycled cloth and organic cotton too. They are also combining deliveries to reduce fuel costs.

The fourth covers bespoke suits and the service a customer can expect in store.

The suits sold in store are from fabrics chosen by Gabucci and with their choice of linings and buttons etc making each item unique to the store and only available in very limited numbers. They sell a large range but each item is different and makes Gabucci quite a destination. 

And finally the fifth covers tailoring. A service that ensures each garment fits perfectly.

The clips are taken from a single interview, prompted rather than scripted, and gives a great overview of the store and services and also answers the queries that connect Gabucci to it’s audience.

This covers local customers in Bath and further afield, particularly London and Edinburgh. Locally we are seeing a very strong recovery post lockdown in the wedding market and will build on that in 2023. We are also building a strong loyal customer base in Japan, the US and across Europe, particularly for specific brands such as John Smedley and Claudio Lugli.

Since starting to add video three years ago, we have seen visitor numbers increasing monthly, often 1000 or more a month and a massive increase in visitors viewing and purchasing on mobile.

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