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Venti shirt from Gabucci linking festivals to fashion

Matching shirts to festivals

Venti shirt from Gabucci linking festivals to fashion

For Gabucci, as well as producing videos about the store and services, we are starting to link the shirts to local and wider events where they would be particularly suitable.

We are doing this on Instagram and within the Gabucci site blog and we began with guitar themed shirts for Glastonbury. We’re heading into Autumn now and to fit with the change of season coming promoting slightly more Autumnal floral shirts to fit with local events. This posts covers folk and gypsy music in Bath, family events and a new music festival in Clifton, Bristol and the 20th Worcester Festival and also the brilliant All Points East Festival in London this weekend, all regions Gabucci does well in.

Next we will target more suitable events in the run up to Christmas and the launch of the Winter season and for next year we are starting to look into joint promotions of events and services particularly around the wedding market.

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