Technical SEO and web development

Harley filmed for an MOT by

Technical SEO and web development services

Harley filmed for an MOT by

Outside of filming and production, most of our support work seems to go into producing fast, secure, mobile friendly sites capable of running video well, and providing the technical SEO to ensure they are found.

We also provide fast, secure hosting and site management, taking care of all legal and technical updates including software and licenses. 

The key things we do break down as follows –

Web Development

We build and develop web sites for speed, security and user experience. We can take a design, and often commission designers on behalf of clients, but our role is primarily putting the sites together and making them work. And work well.

We're also well placed to develop a site for video, including live streaming, making it fast and secure and easy to manage for both filmmaker and client.

SEO and Schema

We write technical SEO and Schema as code that the search engines read and understand. And because we research what your customers are searching for, we answer those queries in the content and code we produce.

We can also code existing video to get found. We can also edit and fix issues if required.

Hosting, security and programming

We are able to extend the capabilities of a web site through programming and hosting, and manage and maintain your site, keeping it secure and up to date. Good hosting is key to security and speed, both essential if you want your content to be found.

The UK has the second highest incidents and losses from cyber crime and online fraud worldwide. UK e-commerce fraud grew from £28 million in 2002 to over £365 million in 2020, so a secure well hosted site really does make sense.

We can code sites to improve your user experience and ease of use, right though to integrating multichannel inventories enabling sales in multiple marketplaces.

We’re happy to help in this way even if you’re not using us for filming.

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