Recent websites

J A Burke Construction website and video

A few examples of our work It’s probably not too surprising that prospective new clients are also considering how their current website performs, when they think of adding video. We have just started to market the services we offer and everyone so far considering video is also considering either a new site or work on […]

Jazz week in Bath and Brum ..

Image of tapping shoes for Jazz Week on Gabucci blog and Instagram

I started writing a weekly post for Gabucci on music events and comedy etc around Bath a month ago, and it’s getting lots of likes and customers seem to enjoy and appreciate it. Sometimes I link to products for sale subtly and sometimes less so but what really seems to matter is connecting to the […]

Additional Services

Screenshot additional services video

Additional services There is so much more than just shooting and editing video to make sure it works for the client so I thought I’d list some of the services I can offer to help. Some are very much related to producing good video and include licensing and content, and are core to what I […]

TikTok announce bigger, much bigger video description

Image of girl to illustrate TikTok providing more space for descriptions

TikTok enables better search TikTok has expanded its post description field from 300 characters to 2,200 which enables us to talk about the clip and what business it relates to and where it is, and to get it found. The TikTok algorithm, as on the Chinese version, is really adept at linking younger audiences with […]

The 80/20 rule and how we apply it

Screen shot from a video clip about the Pareto Principle showing an Italian road lined with cyprus trees

The 80/20 Rule and how we apply it 80% of the result comes from 20% of the effort The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, states that for many phenomena 80% of the result comes from 20% of the effort. The principle has been named after Vilfredo Pareto—an Italian economist—who, back in 1895, noticed that […]

Making music

rock band performing courtesy pexels

This Video Works with a good friend and producer in Connecticut, just north east of NY, on occasional joint projects.  We have a shared background in the music industry and of producing live events. We also both script and have extensive research experience. Nancy started in radio as a writer and moved into production and […]

Introduction to our services, video produced to be found.

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works gets footage found online

The above video is a compilation of the five clips that explain what we do in terms of getting the videos we produce, found. The first is on our home page. We use a combination of good research, to understand your business and ideal customers, a good script to connect the content to the searches […]

How and why we use Search Listening

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works uses search listening

The second part of our introduction to how we create videos to connect you to your audience, covers Search Listening. By analysing thousands of relevant search queries, we are able to guage which are the key queries that should lead a visitor to your site, and we use this information to help us write answers […]

YouTube Creator Insights

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works uses creator insights

This third clip talks about the developments in YouTube Creator Insights that we hope will give us a greater ability to target YouTube content to precise audiences, interested in our clients offerings.

Traditional SEO supports what we do

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works uses traditional SEO

The fourth clips talks about how we use traditional SEO, video SEO and AI in particular to identify key terms used by you and your competitors, relevant to your business and the video. I talk about Google’s latest core update and how that benefits video as a marketing tool and also you as a business.

Lithium-ion battery alternative from discarded crab shells

lithium-ion battery alternative from discarded crab shells - image Hartsdayle/Pixabay

This sounds like a really good  environmental news story. I travel a lot and want to do what I can to reduce my carbon footprint but worry about the huge environmental cost of mining and the production of lithium batteries, which puts me off getting an EV for now, so an alternative is exciting. A group […]

Solar panels and sheep, an environmentally positive partnership.

Solar panels and sheep, an environmentally positive partnership to illustrate article on fashion and sustainability - image courtesy Adobe Stock

We take a great deal of interest in sustainability particularly in the fashion industry. I’ve worked for many years with a client/friend Ali at Gabucci as he works to stock more environmentally friendly stock and select suppliers by how they treat the environment and also their staff. I’ve also worked, a little time back now […]

So much going on …

Gabucci take on a cycling shirt, beautiful fabric with lots of tiny cyclists depicted, to describe a busy weekend of events in Bath

Our third article on the weekend’s music and theatre events sees their popularity rise The aim of the listings of Bath events was really to give us an excuse to suggest shirts to buy to keep the interest going though the season. The more we look for interesting events that we think Gabucci‘s customers will like […]

True Self Liberation

True Self Liberation - Therapeutic Life Coaching with Willow: Feel Safe, Supported, Empowered And In Control

True Self Liberation is an online therapy service designed to fix real issues Aimed at a customer base in the US and UK, this service has been devised principally to help people who are familiar with counselling and therapy but looking for results. Click the image above to visit. The site is designed to break […]