Commissioned to film 3 classic cars being restored

I’ve filmed a number of classic and other sports cars being worked on and this is the first commission in a while. Three very different classics with opportunities to demonstrate the various skills required to bring them back to perfection.
One of three classic cars being filmed over months while they are fully restored

I have just been commissioned to film 3 classic cars being fully restored and the footage will be used on YouTube and social media and possibly a web site, to promote the business and display their skills and specialisation.

They are well known in the world of Japanese sports cars but one of the three will be an early 1970’s 6 cylinder Triumph convertible.

The project will run alongside other work, both myself and the restorers and we aim to start filming mid to late summer and to complete the projects over the next year.

The car above is having a new floor made and inner wings along with strengthening around the engine mounts, and then they are rebuilding and fitting a turbo engine imported form Japan, they are also making a new loom for the car, giving opportunities to demonstrate and talk about the various aspects of their business and show their capabilities to the full.

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