YouTube channel and video gallery for Gabucci

New YouTube channel and video gallery connecting with Google product listings to present the site dynamically on search.
Gabucci YouTube channel to show video clips about Gabucci Menswear Bath and the services they offer and clothes they produce and sell

I’ve just photographed and uploaded a new season’s stock to Gabucci Bath’s website including optimising each product for SEO and though I shot some clips for social media and a short one for the site, most filming will happen this May.

This season though we have done some things a little differently. Normally I produce one or two videos a year of Ali talking about the stock and services provided, and support that with a video where Ali talks over stock shots relevant to the topic we want to talk about, for instance they produce most of the stock themselves or specify fabrics and finishes, which makes the clothes quite unique. So we are able to show footage of Italian and Scottish mills representative of the ones they use and lovely shots of Tuscany and Scotland where the sheep graze.

We’ve been doing this since 2016/7 and the clips get very popular with customers but we only keep the most recent ones on the site, so this season we’ve added three new components which are designed to work together to promote the site and build on our SEO.

We already have an Instagram page which we are going to expand and add video and posts and ask customers upload their own clips featuring shirts or other garments we can use as reviews, and to tie in with the local events we will be promoting.

I’ve added Google product listing and coded the product details into comprehensive feeds for Google. The database already incudes a great deal of product SEO and schema code and enables us easily manage the product details, unfortunately the stock is produced in tiny numbers so we can’t fully take advantage of the stock control it features but we are able to target US markets in particular for certain stock, as well as London and the West Country where the store is based.

We’ve selected 17 of ours and the customers favourite clips from the last few years and created a YouTube channel featuring them and these will be added to regularly and ‘short form’ videos added to Instagram and YouTube Shorts too. Short videos grab attention really well but don’t tend to get great recall a day or so later, it is shown to be regularly as low as 3% according to research by NP Digital, whereas, the longer more conversational video we shoot regularly are getting a much higher recall of over 30%.

Demonstrating the garments, fit and cloth, appeals to an already interested audience and conveys the passion and knowledge the customers respond to. It builds a connection and makes watching the video and visiting the site more of an experience.

Gabucci video gallery linked to YouTube showing customers favourite clips

By producing both and linking to the Google product listings which will show our social media posts and video with the products, we will get much higher brand recognition and greater footfall in store as well as online sales.

To build on this further and benefit from the SEO benefits of YouTube (the second biggest search engine) too, I’ve created a page of video galleries on the Gabucci site so that we can show all the key older videos, and because these are linked to YouTube rather than our usual video hosts, we can show numerous clips without depleting our SEO advantage as we’ve set the clips to only load on request, rather than be embedded in the page.

Gabucci video gallery linked to YouTube showing customers favourite clips

I had rather hoped to concentrate on filming going forward but I do have the research, SEO and writing skills and did run till Brexit a successful programming company with international clients, and this project is perfect example of where I can bring all the necessary skills together to produce something that is really going to work for a client.

My programming clients stayed on average with us for 7 years and I’m hoping a hybrid, filming, SEO and social media offering, packaged with secure, fast hosting and web design, if required, can help more businesses grow and communicate their passions successfully for many more.

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