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A short clip about editing self shot clips for clients, I’m happy to work on clips and to advise on how best to shoot and prepare for SEO purposes. I would always include this as part of an ongoing service for clients I film for as well as I can easily help you produce footage for social media and edit for you to save costs but still maintain the goals of a cohesive marketing campaign.
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Video SEO, editing footage, fixing footage, turned around quickly and professionally.

The clip above talks about editing clips supplied by clients whether I film them or not, the aim is to help self shooters optimise their footage and edit it to show them at their best.

For clients I film this would be for clips produced mainly for social media that could be produced quickly and with the minimum of kit. I would be happy to advise on cameras or phones, and lighting as well as software to use. 

I would also be able to supply ‘prompts’ to include in any clip to ensure we covered the key points that search engines would look for to connect to our audience.

The aim is principally to save costs but still produce something that represents the business well, so I will guide clients on how to produce something I can edit for them.

This can be especially useful where the business wants to respond quickly to an opportunity or a positive or negative review or press article. Being able to respond quickly can be essential.

I supported a charity for a number of years and at the Bafta’s one of our members talked about the charity, and I was also involved with a famous American designer who made headlines, in each case we needed to respond quickly and being able to do so benefited both clients hugely.

I am also able to provide the same service for videographers and self shooters needing editing and also video SEO, and my service can turn around editing, fixing footage and SEO as required.

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