TikTok announce bigger, much bigger video description

Image of girl to illustrate TikTok providing more space for descriptions

TikTok enables better search TikTok has expanded its post description field from 300 characters to 2,200 which enables us to talk about the clip and what business it relates to and where it is, and to get it found. The TikTok algorithm, as on the Chinese version, is really adept at linking younger audiences with […]

Dwell Time

dwell time, picture of a sunset to illustrate a blog on dwell time, Seroius Content, London

Engaging with your target audience is crucial. Dwell Time – the time a visitor spends on your site – is important in terms of SEO. It’s widely known that a website visitor gives your site between 5-15 seconds to find what they are looking for.   They will remain if they find content that is […]

Serious Content are working with 2 CAA approved drone companies

Video thumbnail for blog post about Drones showing stock footage of a dog, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Dog and drone   I’m starting to get lots of requests for drone footage, particularly in construction and have looked for people I can work with to provide that. Very pleased to say I have found two companies, both CAA approved that I will use for forthcoming filming. Once I have live footage from a […]

Capturing a jerky wasp in post production

Video thumbnail for a video demonstrating us removing shake from a clip, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Wasp on a hot saddle! I tested a new ND filter set on Saturday when we had some really nice hot sun. A white saddle in direct sunlight was ideal to test the filters but a little wasp decided to join me so I quickly tried to film the chap. The result of course was […]

Motion graphics for a programming firm

Video thumbnail for a marketing animation for a digital marketing company, created, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Motion graphics for my old programming firm Hound Street was my programming and online research firm I started in NY well over ten years ago. It quickly moved to London though we kept mainly US clients for a long time, my programmers were in Portland, Oregon and India.  I still do a little coding as […]

Time-lapse and stock video

Video thumbnail for marketing promotion showing stock footage of DLR train, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Video captures the imagination It can really drive a promotional message home. There is also a wealth of ‘trickery’ I can add to spice up quite mundane images to bring or create life in a clip. Time-lapse is a great example of this and this is one I’ve used for my programming firm very successfully. […]