John Smedley sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion John Smedley from Gabucci video

Ali talks about traceability Ali talks about traceability and sustainability from John Smedley wool products in this video for Gabucci. The store is taking seriously it’s commitment to offering as many high quality garments that are sustainably produced, feature recycled materials in the manufacture, organic cloths or even socks made from Bamboo. Companies that […]

Marketing and Monetising Video

monetize video

monetising video We can build sites, funnels and shoot and edit to monetise video. We understand the process of marketing and can help work with your marketing team to achieve great results, or connect you to ones we know and trust. If you are looking to monetise your video, please get in touch.   You […]

Alternative Stratford intro video with library footage

Stratford Shopping Centre featured in retail centred video for video SEO

Alternative Stratford intro video with library footage Looking at producing an alternative intro video with the footage I inadvertently shot from my bike in Stratford, gave me a great opportunity to show how adding a bit of stock footage can really improve a clip. Getting permission to shoot at Westfield, Stratford would probably not have […]

Alternative intro video with localised footage

Stratford upon Avon river bridge, aerial view

Alternative intro video with localised footage When deciding to concentrate on smaller projects for This Video Works I wondered whether to position the business as less London focussed. The intro shots on the video that explains what we do starts with the Millennium Bridge, move to Regent Street and into Chelsea, so when I came […]

Serious Content are working with 2 CAA approved drone companies

Video thumbnail for blog post about Drones showing stock footage of a dog, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Dog and drone   I’m starting to get lots of requests for drone footage, particularly in construction and have looked for people I can work with to provide that. Very pleased to say I have found two companies, both CAA approved that I will use for forthcoming filming. Once I have live footage from a […]

Motion graphics for a programming firm

Video thumbnail for a marketing animation for a digital marketing company, created, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Motion graphics for my old programming firm Hound Street was my programming and online research firm I started in NY well over ten years ago. It quickly moved to London though we kept mainly US clients for a long time, my programmers were in Portland, Oregon and India.  I still do a little coding as […]

Time-lapse and stock video

Video thumbnail for marketing promotion showing stock footage of DLR train, compiled and edited by Serious Content, London

Video captures the imagination It can really drive a promotional message home. There is also a wealth of ‘trickery’ I can add to spice up quite mundane images to bring or create life in a clip. Time-lapse is a great example of this and this is one I’ve used for my programming firm very successfully. […]