Additional Services

Screenshot additional services video

Additional services There is so much more than just shooting and editing video to make sure it works for the client so I thought I’d list some of the services I can offer to help. Some are very much related to producing good video and include licensing and content, and are core to what I […]

Coding and Project Management

coding and project management services

Coding and Project Management We can help with project management and procurement of high end coding as part of a wider project. I have run a programming company in the past that came out of filming and research. I know how tough it can be to find the right people but because of the high […]

Technical SEO – what is involved?

sifting flour demonstrates technical SEO

Image of sifting flour, demonstrating on a blog how technical SEO clears obstructions to fast sites and video, from Serious Content, London

Dwell Time

dwell time, picture of a sunset to illustrate a blog on dwell time, Seroius Content, London

Engaging with your target audience is crucial. Dwell Time – the time a visitor spends on your site – is important in terms of SEO. It’s widely known that a website visitor gives your site between 5-15 seconds to find what they are looking for.   They will remain if they find content that is […]