Helping you to speak to camera

This clip talks about how we work with you to help you talk confidently on camera to introduce your business or consultancy.
This clip talks about how we work with you to help you talk confidently on camera to introduce your business or consultancy.

Helping you to speak to camera

One of the key differences we can bring to being filmed is the time we give you. We don’t put you under any pressure to perform but we do encourage you to talk to camera. If you represent a business or work as a consultant, your prospective clients will appreciate seeing you talk about what you do more than anything else you can do to promote your business. 

People buy from people and we can help you communicate who you are and why you believe in your business by giving you the time to get familiar with talking to camera, lots of encouragement and space to try different approaches. You can view footage with a quick edit in high res at the time, so you will see roughly how something could look and then approve or retake as necessary. 

The second is experience, having written with and for celebrities, comedians, rock stars, and cast, directed and produced in a wide range of large events, coupled with interviewing politicians and business leaders, including filming, across Europe and the US, we are very used to working with people of all levels of media experience. Whilst we don’t specifically offer media training as part of our services, we do guide you and can direct you, we always look to help you come over well.

Third, we can help you research what to talk about and what your likely customers are looking for from you, this is generally termed consumer intent research and allows us identify the search queries that should bring a customer to you if you provide the search engines with the answer, and again we help with that. 

We can produce a script and run through a pair of voice activated teleprompters if you are familiar with using them, but generally we find a far better alternative is to prompt you on each topic or question we want to cover and let you speak freely about that, if get off topic, we can bring you back and pauses and anything unwanted will be edited out. And that gets easier as it becomes more familiar, and we can redo till you are delivering confidently. 

We edit everything to make the dialogue flow and the information and message clear. We can record with one, two or three cameras and record up to five people with radio mics, for larger groups we use professional mics on booms and can isolate individual speakers as required.

The aim is simply to help you present your business, service or products as professionally as possible and in a way that gives your customers and potential customers complete confidence in you. We want you to be proud of what we produce together, and to do that we find working in a relaxed, supported environment is far more effective than putting you under pressure to do something that isn’t familiar.

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