Video Editing Allows You To Focus The Story For Your Audience

A shot of video editing software to illustrate editing for video marketing. I mainly edit in Davinci Resolve Studio but also Sony Catalyst, Final Cut Pro and the full Adobe suite. Audio is Audition and Steinberg.
Image of video editing software, stock image courtesy Motion Array

The Edit Allows The Story To Come Together. It's Where The Magic Happens.

From being able to create lovely skin tones and adjust lighting, to shaping a story, the process of editing the footage brings everything to life.

I help people speak to camera, I give them the time and confidence to communicate their passion and cover the key points required in a clip, but once in the edit studio, I can adjust the flow and edit the dialogue for emphasis and remove mistakes and pauses and deliver an appropriately polished clip.

I’m looking to show you at your best but not turn you into an actor, I want the viewer to relate to you, know who you are and believe in you.

I also work with some brilliant voice over artists and actors and can provide someone to present your business for you.

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