Four videos added to True Self Liberation (updated)

Video for True Self Liberation, Therapeutic Life Coaching showing diverse means of travel relevant to the metaphors used in therapy

new interview clips describing therapeutic Life Coaching We’ve added four interview clips talking about Willow’s Therapeutic life Coaching, an online service to help clients in the UK and US work through and understand issues in their life. The interview above explains how she uses metaphors to simplify the experience and guide her clients through the […]

Marketing and Monetising Video

monetize video

monetising video We can build sites, funnels and shoot and edit to monetise video. We understand the process of marketing and can help work with your marketing team to achieve great results, or connect you to ones we know and trust. If you are looking to monetise your video, please get in touch.   You […]

Schema for the healthcare industry, gyms, trainers and practitioners

video explaining healthcare schema

    Schema for fitness and healthcare The strongest area of business for Schema to help promote a business is healthcare which includes not only the medical industry, but also all the other aspects of healthcare including fitness and alternative therapies. Schema is looking to include all the symptoms and ailments one might be searching […]

Expanding video to communicate better

Video explaining how we cover all four types of learning for marketing and videos encouraging engagement

Shorter clip of explaining Video SEO This is aimed primarily at the medical industry and education, however, the subject of this clip is relevant to many businesses, especially any where you are looking to engage the customer to share information that will help you provide a quote or recommend a course of action. It is […]