Touch website added 3500 Magento based products

New site for Touch Ironmongery in Fulham, London

Update Feb 23, we’ve now added 5000 products from my clients supplier’s updated Magento db. Sales have more than doubled over the last 12 months! We’ve added over 1000 new products and new SKU codes throughout. Also updated all Metadata including Schema throughout and built in the facility to add Open Graph Tags (mark up) […]

The Museum of Mistranslations

Tokyo pop up museum of mistranslations courtesy Duolingo

A big part of what I do as a researcher and scriptwriter and indeed as a coder specialising in SEO, is check we’ve got the details correct and make sure everything we do makes the path to your getting found as easy as possible. When I first started interviewing and then filming, it was often […]

Additional Services

Screenshot additional services video

Additional services There is so much more than just shooting and editing video to make sure it works for the client so I thought I’d list some of the services I can offer to help. Some are very much related to producing good video and include licensing and content, and are core to what I […]

Traditional SEO supports what we do

Screenshot from main intro video explaining how This Video Works uses traditional SEO

The fourth clips talks about how we use traditional SEO, video SEO and AI in particular to identify key terms used by you and your competitors, relevant to your business and the video. I talk about Google’s latest core update and how that benefits video as a marketing tool and also you as a business.

Technical SEO and web development

Harley filmed for an MOT by

Technical SEO and web development services Outside of filming and production, most of our support work seems to go into producing fast, secure, mobile friendly sites capable of running video well, and providing the technical SEO to ensure they are found. We also provide fast, secure hosting and site management, taking care of all legal […]

We look much closer

Serious about getting you found … The aim is to produce content that is relevant to your visitors and in particular those searching for solutions you can answer. This isn’t about necessarily getting to the top of every search, just the ones that are important to you. We look closer. We look to identify the […]

Technical SEO – what is involved?

sifting flour demonstrates technical SEO

Image of sifting flour, demonstrating on a blog how technical SEO clears obstructions to fast sites and video, from Serious Content, London

Dwell Time

dwell time, picture of a sunset to illustrate a blog on dwell time, Seroius Content, London

Engaging with your target audience is crucial. Dwell Time – the time a visitor spends on your site – is important in terms of SEO. It’s widely known that a website visitor gives your site between 5-15 seconds to find what they are looking for.   They will remain if they find content that is […]