Ali talks about the new season fashions for Winter 23 and Spring 24 for Gabucci and its focus on Italian and Scottish cloth

Gabucci Winter 23/Spring 24

Part of the Bath Christmas So popular with customers have Ali’s end of year video’s become that we could almost claim they are part of Bath’s Christmas Festivities. The message we are trying to get over is as consistent as Christmas too and quite refreshing in the over commercialised. world of much of fashion, both

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Gerri talks about the process of clearing the energy in a property

A video to introduce you a rather special property service

We all have stories about difficulties selling properties or just getting a feeling about a place. Well if that feeling may not be quite as positive as hoped, Gerri may be the answer. She is a reiki master, and a holistic and complementary therapist spiritual teacher and coach. Part of what she does is to

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Peter Cooks Van in Ludlow. Short clip hand held on new Sony camera on a busy Saturday in Ludlow, a quaint market town on the Welsh border.

Interviews for documentaries and marketing

Interviews for documentaries and marketing Every documentary filmmaker uses interviews as part of what they are trying to do, to tell a story about the people involved and to get their direct input into the story. The story though comes through from a mix of their words and the visible emotions on screen and the

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1967 Mustang vintage muscle car used to illustrate an article about current Mustangs written by the previous owner of a classic Mustang

Marketing the Ford GTD with and without video

This video compares the announcement of the Ford Mustang GTD in Cool Hunting without video and the Mustang Mach-E with and then looks at how the video of the GTD is elsewhere in the media and how strong the video presence is. It then goes on to talk about the content of the video and why coding the video for search is important. The video briefly mentions my old Mustang too.

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This clip talks about This Video Works approach to filming management consultants and explaining what they do and their unique benefits.

Filming management consultants

Introduction to a series of videos on various sectors we’ve worked on talking about some of the issues involved with shooting and scripting.
This clip also covers how we use AI to reduce costs particularly in relation to scripting and colour editing in video.

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