SEO and Database Driven Websites

A boxing ring may seem an unusual visual reference for a web site but I build database driven sites for the specific purpose of getting video, social media and products, services and locations found.

Everything is contained and has power and purpose, and it functions exactly where and how it is meant to.

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An image of an artist painting to illustrate capturing and creating an image. I film people and also their businesses and am trying to capture an honest, positive reflection of who they are and what they do.

Filming, Talking to Camera and Interviews

Like an artist painting an image, I’m telling a story, trying to catch a moment. I’m building an honest, positive and hopefully passionate picture of a business and the person, people who run it, why and what connects them to their customers.

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Editing and other post production services for self shooters looking to promote their businesses

Help For Self Shooters

I can help you get the most out of your own footage through research, video editing, AI prompted content, even advice on how best to use your phone or camera.

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Library of books to illustrate research prior to filming for video marketing

Research is Key to Connection

A library of books to illustrate research prior to filming for video marketing. Realistically most research is done online through search and industry media.

Understanding what specific audiences are looking for from a business and being able to answer those queries in a video and script is key to connection.

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Slow motion capture of fountain in the Italian Garden Kensington, London from This Video Works 2022 showreel

My Showreel

My showreel covers from 2019 to the end of 2022, and features work for smaller direct clients and consultants and cover retail, construction and automotive sectors.

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